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Retificio ribola, tradition and technology for industrial manufacturing of nets

Ribola is a modern company boasting more than 40 years of activity in the manufacturing and custom-design tailoring of synthetic fibre nets.

The Retificio Ribola net manufacturer specialises in various sectors, including aquaculture, fall protection safety systems, fences, sports, entertainment, anti-jellyfish systems, animal farming, aviaries and many others.

Since its foundation in Monte Isola (Iseo Lake) and over the decades Retificio Ribola has been constantly developing. Nowadays, the company’s artisanal traditions of the past accompany its industrial production capacity. Thanks to its state-of-the-art machinery the production unit ensures an extremely significant supply (several tonnes of nets/month) supported by a tailoring department which is also capable of custom-design and tailor-made cutting and sewing.

Ribola’s quality and expertise enables it to provide Customers with appropriate solutions. Ribola serves as a consultant able to co-design targeted actions, both during the manufacturing and tailoring stage. Technology and ongoing commitment to research and product innovation have enabled the company to develop several patents. This is why, over the years, Ribola has established itself as a renowned and competitive industrial player, especially on foreign markets.

Ribola provides additional support for product installation and maintenance.