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Nets for domestic safety
Finished products: networks for the safety of people, pets and objects. Networks for the protection of play areas.

Retifico Ribola is a leader in the production and online sales of fall prevention and home security nets suitable for use. All our fall protection nets are made of multifilament yarns, with high tenacity, treated with UV rays and which make them suitable also for outdoor use. The anti-fall systems for people are certified according to the European safety standards UNI EN 1263-1 and 1263-2.

The anti fall net for objects, are woven in high tenacity nylon, treated with UV rays. Sweater mm 50, thread diam. 2.5 mm. Cut to size and finished with perimeter rope 8 mm diameter double seam. They are ideal for retaining the fall of small objects or pets.


Retificio Ribola’s safety nets and frames have all the technical characteristics and the certifications needed for ensuring construction site safety and solutions for falling of personnel and objects.

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