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Net panels for sports.
Finished products: soccer and five-a-side football, handball, volleyball, beach volley nets, etc.

Retificio Ribola has been manufacturing and selling sports nets online for several generations. Our nets are conceived and manufactured to meet customer’s needs in various sports industries. Sports nets include soccer, five-a-side football, tennis, volleyball, handball, basketball, beach volley and beach tennis nets, as well as baseball nets, discus/hammer cages and archery nets. Our range of products also includes goal line blackout canvas, ball carrier nets and skipping ropes.

All sports nets are woven with top quality extreme tenacity yarns and UV-ray treated, in order to ensure resistance to weather conditions. The tailoring department cuts, hems and finishes nets with high-tenacity strips and bands.


Net panels for sports are manufactured by Retificio Ribola, which selects yarns with utmost care and ensures the use of top quality extremely resistant UV-ray treated raw materials.

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The wide range of nets woven by Retificio Ribola enables us to tailor and supply nets for different sports industries.

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Various types of accessories are available to our customers, completing the range of sports nets produced and tailored by Retificio Ribola.

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