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Towels and nets for pool covering.
Finished products: made-to-measure packaging and cutting of sheets and nets for pool coverage.

Made-to-measure packaging and cutting of sheets and nets for pool coverage. The swimming pool department includes a wide range of pool covers and nets made of different materials depending on the use required. The range includes swimming pool safety nets to prevent accidental falls, polyethylene and PVC sheets for the winter pool cover, anti-leaf sheets, anti-tear covers and safety covers, anti-backwater inflatable cushions.

The covers are tailor-made and custom-made also for out-of-shape, in-ground and above-ground pools, with eyelets and predisposed for water pockets. Water bags or sausage packs are also packaged for pool weight and anti-backwater, inflatable cushions to prevent water from pooling in the pool and various types of pool covers and nets. Combined covers, filtering covers and air-inflatable sheets are also packaged. The sheets allow you to protect the pool during the winter season, avoiding the formation of micro-organisms and algae and allowing a good saving also in terms of pool maintenance. The installation accessories are also supplied.


The nets and towels for swimming pools of the Ribola factory are built to cover in-ground and above-ground pools, such as fall protection devices and for the winter covering of swimming pools.

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Ribola supplies the main useful accessories for the installation and the covering of the pools. The sheets and covering nets can be laid with elastic rope and dowels or with sausages or water pockets.

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