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We also provide the accessories needed for proper laying and installation of protection and fencing nets. Ropes, cables, tensioners, connecting links, snap-hooks, clamps and hose clamps are available upon the customer’s request. A technician is available to recommend the most suitable accessories, according to the required application and the nets purchased.

Rope fences tying

Rope high tenacity polyethylene recommended to lay and tie the chain-link fence.

False mesh

False mesh for fence net to a steel cable of 5 mm diameter

Clamp for steel cable

Clamp for 5mm and 6mm steel cables ideal for locking steel cables

Cable tensioner

Tensioner with closed eye and eyelet tensioner and hook for tensioning the steel cable

Carabiners to pose nets

Carabiner to pose fence nets and protect a steel cable.

Steel cable for nets

Steel cable to pose fence net of 6 mm diameter

Nylon ties

Nylon ties to anchor fence nets available in a lot of dimension . Available in packs of 100 pieces.

Accessories for cutting nets and ropes

Accessories for cutting nets and ropes including professional scissors, professional cutters and knives that cut ropes of large diameters and synthetic fiber nets to perfection
Scissors with serrated steel blade and long blade knives for clean cuts without fraying