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In every sector where a safety net is required, Retificio Ribola is able to supply and package the nets according to the customer's needs and in compliance with any regulations involved. Among the most requested products are fall protection nets for home security complying with European standard EN 1263-1 EN1263-2.

The nets are equipped and certified by European institutes responsible for testing networks. Each network can be combined with dense anti-dust fabrics, also sold separately.

Rail nets for boats

Nets Rails for boats woven high tenacity yarn, UV-resistant, suitable for outdoor use and weather resistant. Manufactured upon request with an outer edge.

Safety net for animals

Safety nets for pets are produced to avoid the accidental falling or the coming out of cats and dogs from the indoor environments, taylor-made and ready-to use
The safety nets for animals come from the exigence of preserving our pets' life

Safety net for stairs, balconies, railings and terraces, beds for children

Safety nets for stairs, balconies, railings and terraces, beds for children.
Designed to prevent the fall of people or objects from the stairs. Knotless net in nylon high tenacity, first quality, UV treated.
Cut and sewed on measure and with border rope around. Ready for installation. 

Nets for playground safety

Safety nets for playground or trampolines. Ideal for the protection around the playground or the trampoline, to prevent the fall of people.

Shadow net for privacy

Fencing mesh garden fence with dense fabric to obscure 70-99% of the view and promote privacy, a darkening net created to be anchored to the wire mesh or positioned around the private property
Tailor-made cutting and packaging. Ready to be laid

Coverages of parking lots, shelters and gazebos

Covers for parking, hanging or gazebos. Shading or waterproof, for sheds.
Ideal for covering a wall unit or a gazebo or as a roof covering for parking areas.
The covers are realized on size , wth eyelets on the perimeter for posing.

Camper cover sheets, canopies, pergolas

Cover sheets for campers, canopies, pergolas. Sheets for shading or waterproof canopies.
Ideal for covering and protecting campers and cars, to cover canopies and pergolas.
The towels of various types are packaged to size and size required. Made with eyelets on the perimeter or with a perimeter border, ready for installation.

Animal fencing nets

Black fence net for animals, suitable  to protect your pet, avoid leaks or to enclose environments where the animals are not allowed. Made to measure and ready for installation.

Animal fencing nets are born from the need to safeguard the life of your pets.

Drapes with personalized printing

Sheets with personalized printing to be used as protection, fence and for advertising purposes. The sheets are personalized with logos, writings and designs sent by the customer. Recommended for demonstrations, events, in recreational areas, sports and also for advertising or information purposes.

Hygienic protective masks for sanitary emergency

Hygienic protective face masks. Suitable for fighting contagion and for health emergencies.
For non-medical home use.
Surgical type masks, in triple layer polypropylene