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Pool covers made by Ribola are packaged for the protection of in-ground and above-ground pools during the winter and summer season and against atmospheric agents. They are made to measure, in highly resistant materials and supplied on request complete with all the fixing accessories necessary for their installation.

Winter towels in 230g polyethylene or 400g or 650g pvc are packaged, with eyelets or covers combined with eyelets and bands for positioning water bags; drained and anti-leaf drapes are supplied.

The cover sheets can also be made to measure and to design, for L-shaped swimming pools, and for out-of-shape pools, with pool cover sheets according to design. Inflatable anti-backwater cushions are tailor-made to avoid the accumulation of inflatable water and cover. The nets, on the other hand, are designed and built as safety nets and are made of high tenacity polyethylene, heat set and suitable for outdoor use. The use of the net is ideal to avoid the accidental fall of people or things inside the pool.

Pool cover with eyelets

Drapes for covering winter swimming pools for inground pools made of polyethylene and PVC for swimming pool winter cover, custom-made complete with eyelets on the perimeter or with PVC filling edges, which become weights once filled with water.
Carry out to avoid the accidental fall of people in swimming pools or tanks

Fall protection nets for swimming pools

Swimming pool safety nets are designed and built as safety protection nets andare made of high tenacity and heat-treated polyethylene treated against UV rays. The Ribola factory suggests using the net to avoidthe accidental fall of people or things inside the pool. Ideal for use in pool closing hours or as a protection for children.

Anti-leaf fabric covering swimming pools

The anti-leaf and anti-tear draining fabrics for swimming pools are ideal for covering the pool in order to prevent leaves and needles from dirtying the water excessively.
The sheets are made of standard and tear-resistant polyethylene, green or black, complete with eyelets every 50 cm, custom-made also out ofshape, for L-shaped and custom-designed pools. They prevent the fall of small leaves and dirt carried by the wind. Allow the passage of rain. Anti-tear fabric: if a tear occurs, the fabric does not break further and the tear does not widen.

Aboveground pool covers

Drapes to cover winter pools for above-ground pools ideal for preventing people, leaves, branches and objects from falling into the pool. Securing the pool in the winter months, recommended to avoid danger to children and pets. The PVC sheet is laid on the pool, tailored to the required size. Made with eyelets on the perimeter for laying

Pool cover sheets with water pockets

Winter pool cover sheets with preparation of water pockets on the entire perimeter ideal for installing the winter cover when there is no possibility to perform mechanical fixing on the edge of the pool

Anti-stagnant cushions

The anti-stagnant cushions are ideal to prevent water stagnation on the pool cover. They are positioned below the sheet in order to create a slope that allows the water to run off.
made of high tenacity PVC suitable for use in the pool, with anchoring eyelets for laying.

Summer thermal covers for swimming pools

Bespoke towels for the summer isothermal pool cover.
Maintains the temperature, prevents evaporation and covers the pool's water surface, lowering consumption and keeping the water clean.
Made of polyethylene treated against UV rays, high quality. Customized packaging and cutting both with live edge and with PVC edging and stainless steel eyelets.