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Fall protection nets and sheets for construction and safety / Finished products /


Ribola has full capability to supply and tailor nets for all sectors in which a safety net is needed, according to the customer’s need and in compliance with any reference regulations. Fall protection nets for personnel safety and working site safety compliant with the European Standards EN 1263-1 and EN 1263-2 are among the most popular products.
The nets are equipped, certified and tested by European Bodies responsible for net testing. We also supply debris protection nets, nets to ensure the safety of buildings and protection nets against the collapse of sections of plaster. Each net can be paired with down-proof anti-dust fabrics, also sold separately.

We manufacture nets to be placed under forks, scaffolding canvas and blackout canvas for construction sites. A technician is available for recommendations on assembly and on the choice of any accessories. User instruction manuals are provided and annual tests are carried out in compliance with regulations.

Fall protection safety nets

Fall protection nets for personnel safety are made in Polypropylene knotless woven nets with lock weave and working site safety in compliance with the European Standards EN 1263-1 and EN 1263-2. Available in various knot types including anti dust fabric .Other solutions for falling objects, debris protection nets and fabrics for construction sites are available, taylor made and ready to use and built in. Safety nets are realized according to the Client’s needs and complete a usage manual. Ribola tests yearly its products as requested from the European Standard.

Debris protection net

Debris Protection nets in Nylon polyamide high tenacity UV ray treated multifilament yarn. Available in different yarns according to intended application to prevent fall of objects or debris. Manufactured upon request with an outer edge.

Thick antidust fabric

Antidust in Polypropylene high tenacity, green standard color. Personalized production upon request

Blackout canvas for working sites

Blackout Canvas protection of working and building sites. Intrusion detection and breaker view fabric in dark green standard color. Personalized production upon request

Safety nets for rack

Safety nets for generic fall of people or objects in high tenacity fabric woven with lock weave UV ray resistant. Available in different mesh according to the weights of the objects to be contained. Ideal sas well to cover rack . Manufactured upon request with an outer edge.

Safety netting for conveyors tapes

Anti-fallen nets for general falls of rags and articles of conveyor belts produced in high-tenacity yarn, woven webbing removable, UV-resistant.
Available in different meshes a second of the weight of the objects to be contained and of the required use.
Produced at the customer's request according to the danger of falling objects

Safety net for container

Fall-prevention net for container loading, designed to hold back the accidental fall of the load. To be positioned inside the container on the door to stop the possible fall of the load when the doors are opened
Cut to size and finished with perimeter rope 8 mm diameter,double sewing and buttonholes on the 4 corners to facilitate anchoring.

Scaffolding sheets white/with customized printing

White polyethylene sheets with the possibility of personalized printing.
White cloth with 50g / mq weight. The white color allows printing of logos and four-color process writings.
The customer will be able to send his own logo or the writing that he intends to print on the cloth and the department will take care of color printing.
The sheets have a standard length of 25 m
They are available in the heights: 1.75 m-2 m- 2.60 m- 3.10 m

Sound absorbing barriers

Modular and versatile pvc noise-reduction panel, created to create acoustic barriers and anti-noise fences on construction sites.
Noise barriers made with Bulfeu® panels do not require foundation works, they are extremely simple and quick to install and can be reused several times.
The eyelet mounting system on the perimeter also allows to contain the dust from the construction site, as well as being an effective visual barrier. Bulfeu® anti-noise panels are the ideal solution to reduce noise pollution generated by vehicles and construction works near residential areas or protected areas.
The panels are designed as a building site acoustic barrier, they are often used in many industrial applications, in public establishments such as bars and discos or for residential installations.
The Bulfeu® panel has a soundproofing power index Rw = 20dB manufactured by the ISO 9001 company



Safety dividing tarpaulins

Dividing sheets to separate work environments, to create safety areas and to divide people. They are made-to-measure waterproof sheets, also useful as anti-virus infection sheets.

Self-supporting inflatable pneumatic tents with caged air

Self-supporting and inflatable pneumatic tents with caged air
Inflatable pneumatic structure that guarantees quick assembly
Tents for civil protection, usable for different needs, such as hangars, temporary tents for health emergencies, field hospitals, decontamination tents, shelters, emergency tents, for setting up military camps.
Ideal for quickly creating canteens, dormitories, storage rooms and shelters

Self-supporting tents. Pneumatic inflatable model tents
Available in different sizes also connectable to each other
High mechanical resistance to fungi and molds
Possibility of customization
Quick assembly: in minutes!